Updated 3/23/2016

The Tank Factor projects each team’s chance at finishing at the bottom of the standings.
The Goal: Winning the Lottery = Auston Matthews
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Arizona Coyotes – Tank Factor

The Arizona Coyotes are currently in 23rd place with 71 points. The disappointing second half, which I blame for trading away John Scott here, has watched the ‘Yotes go from competing for a playoff spot, to howlin’ for the bottom like previous years. The Coyotes have stop the free fall and are still 10 points back of the final Wildcard spot. The Coyotes young team cannot find consistency but definitely have a bright future. Could they go on a run and sneak into the playoffs? Probably not. Expect a 20th-25th finish for the Yotes in 2016.

Points: 71
Last 10: 5-4-1
Standings: Tied for 23rd
Games Played: 73
Games Remaining: 9
Games Against Bottom Teams: 3/28 -> vs Flames
Tank Factor Finish: Bottom 15 Finish

Buffalo Sabres – Tank Factor

The Buffalo Sabres is currently in 24th place with 70 points. The Sabres trail the Maple Leafs, who sit in 30th place, by a tall margin of 7 points. The Sabres have definitely seen an improvement since the All-Star Break, which has seen them pull away slightly from the bottom.

Rooting for the tank is starting to become a thing again, as this team still is a year or two away from playoff contention. The Sabres 3 important games against teams competing for the bottom, listed below, so their remaining schedule is very important

Points: 70
Last 10: 5-3-2
Standings: 23rd
Games Played: 74
Games Remaining: 8
Games Against Bottom Teams: 3/26 -> vs Jets, 3/31 -> vs Leafs, 4/8 -> vs Blue Jackets
Tank Factor Finish: Bottom 3 Finish

Calgary Flames – Tank Factor

2000px-Calgary_Flames.svg copy The Calgary Flames are this years disappointing story, and are currently sitting in a tie for 26th place with 68 points. The Flames were sellers at the deadline, moving Kris Russel, David Jones, and Jiri Hudler for picks, and prospects. The Flames should be good competition for the bottom 3 but should finish in the bottom 10.

Points: 68
Last 10: 5-3-2
Standings: Tied for 26th
Games Played: 73
Games Remaining: 9
Games Against Bottom Teams: 3/28 -> @ Coyotes, 4/2 -> @ Oilers, 4/7 -> vs Canucks
Tank Factor Finish: Bottom 10 finish

Columbus Blue Jackets – Tank Factor

2000px-Columbus_Blue_Jackets.svg copy The Columbus Blue are currently tied for 26th place overall.  Last season, The Blue Jackets suffered keys injuries to their offensive stars and had too much ground to make up to make the playoffs. They finished the season strong, 9-0-1 in their last 10 games and 15-1-1 their last 17 games. That was an exciting turn around for a team that before that, was close to the battle for the bottom, but ultimately finished 9 points out of the playoffs.

Columbus traded away a core piece in future star Ryan Johasen to Nashville for American Defensemen Seth Jones. This could help them out, as Ryan was unhappy in Columbus. The Jackets chances off a bottom finish are becoming more and more of a reality, and are too far back to catch a Wildcard spot. They currently sit 15 points to be exact with only 9 games remaining. They will most likely will finish in the bottom 10.

Points: 68
Last 10: 4-6
Standings: Tied for 26th
Games Played: 73
Games Remaining: 9
Games Against Bottom Teams: 4/6 -> @ Leafs, 4/8 -> @ Sabres
Tank Factor Finish: Bottom 10 finish

Edmonton Oilers – Tank Factor

1024px-Logo_Edmonton_Oilers.svg copyEdmonton is currently in 29th place with 65 points. The Oilers can’t find a consistent team, and were sellers at the Trade Deadline. I thought that McDavid’s return would give them the run that everyone has been waiting for, to make a playoff run, but I forgot what franchise I was talking about. They look to be one of the 4 serious teams fighting for the bottom. McDavid adds excitement to the team but the Oilers know better than to count on a top overall pick helping to rebuild the team.

Points: 65
Last 10: 4-6 ( 2 Losses in a row) 
Standings: 29th Place
Games Played: 76
Games Remaining: 6
Games Against Bottom Teams: 4/2 -> vs Flames, 4/6 -> vs Canucks, 4/9 -> @ Canucks
Tank Factor Finish: Bottom 3 Finish

Toronto Maple Leafs – Tank Factor

The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently in last place in the lottery standings, with 63 points. The Maple Leafs are becoming the joke of the NHL, as their journalists are trying to put a spin on the teams tanking. Toronto is tanking to get better, they aren’t being smart about it, or being creative.

Toronto fans have been rooting for the tank since the deadline of last year, and this team is finally starting to tank properly. With James van Riemsdyk and Joffrey Lupul shut down for the season, their offense is downgraded tremendously. Good move Toronto.

Points: 5563
Last 10: 5-4-1 ( Won 2 in a row)
Standings: 30th
Games Played: 72
Games Remaining: 10
Games Against Bottom Teams: 3/31 -> @ Sabres, 4/6 -> vs Blue Jackets
Tank Factor Finish: Bottom 2 finish

Vancouver Canucks – Tank Factor

2000px-Vancouver_Canucks.svg copy The Vancouver Canucks are currently in a nose dive, sitting in a tie for 28th place, with 66 points. The Canucks should’ve been fighting for a playoff spot, but not the case, as they’ve lost their last 5 games. The Sedin Twins aren’t having great seasons, but aren’t to blame. The Canucks weren’t supposed to compete for the bottom 3 but are right in the hunt, with 10 games remaining.

Points: 66
Last 10: 3-7  (5 game Losing Streak)
Standings: Tied for 28th
Games Played: 72
Games Remaining: 10
Games Against Bottom Teams: 4/6 -> @ Oilers, 4/7 -> @ Flames
Tank Factor Finish: Bottom 5 finish

Winnipeg Jets – Tank Factor

The Winnipeg Jets currently are in a tie for 28th with 66 points. The Jets are another disappointing team to add to the list, as the franchise has an extremely demoted and demanding fan base. The Jets were sellers at the deadline, making the biggest move by shipping out Andrew Laad before Deadline Day. Winnipeg has a lot of youth, and players fighting for roster spots for next season. The Jets are serious contenders for the bottom.

Points: 66
Last 10: 4-5-1
Standings: Tied for 28th
Games Played: 73
Games Remaining: 9
Games Against Bottom Teams: 3/26 -> @ Sabres
Tank Factor Finish: Bottom 5 finish
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